Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Roost

Well, I forgot to say, but I took up a little Buff up onto the perch in the coop, and it fell right off! Good thing it's still fluff! I took a RI next and it just stepped on. Then another, and a buff again I held my hands near it just in case and after a minute or so, it started slipping. That was really cute. Also they are just too stupid to go in and out of the house! I put them all in at 3:00 (they had been in the run) and I don't think they ever went out. Well, poor chickens. Hopefully ... Well, I don't know, they really are just pretty perfect! Actually, they have some icky skin showing. Eww.  Also they got a bit traumatized by some little girls. Well, goodnight Chickies!

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