Monday, May 6, 2013

Letting the Chicks Free!!!! (Hopefully)

Well, we haven't quite let them out yet. It's still in the 40's at night. But they are hoppity-doppity feathery and really eager to be out! They dump their food more than once a week, which is annoying. They are not very good at cleaning it out once we take the feeder out. Their box is tiny now-and at one point it seemed huge! Impossible! We moved them to the basement Thursday. The buffs, Ping & Pong, are great at just sitting on your thumb. Sometimes we find that they have squeezed out through the lattice. It's getting harder, and sometimes they get lost outside. When we take them outside in the box, they sure are getting heavy! Hopefully we will get more pictures-and send them out for good this weekend!
P.S. This was Ronit

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