Friday, January 17, 2014

The cold is gone.

It's been a long time but not much has happened. We only had mildly cold weather, and the only reason the chickens minded was that we forced them to sleep inside (which I think they like now) and they could not run around due to snow (for about 2 days). It's still January and I think it's crazy that we have been able to let them have field days! Shouldn't there be snow?????? During the cold, we did get 2 frozen eggs. The first one Mama and Dani tried to fry-it didn't come out well-and the second I chopped open. It was jelly-y. Miriam was grossed out. The last interesting thing is that we seem to be getting more white eggs (and they are BIG-I'd say 1.7 oz. or so!) than brown. I got 2 yesterday, and that is about our average per day. I weighed a biggy, it hovered between 2.05 and 2.10 oz. We also should be cleaning out their house. It is YUCKY! Oh, and we haven't been seeing any rats. We have been closing the door at night, Abba made sure there were no spaces to squeeze in, and he's only got a million and seven traps. One of them could trap a little kid. Actually, I've only seen 2 have-a-hearts and another funny trap. Plus we've got the rat-cam. Duffy is growing back her tail feather-they had disappeared earlier. We are also getting good at telling them apart!