Thursday, February 27, 2014

After break

The chickies are doing fine. We are getting about 3 per day, I think. They gotta start waking up! Hello, girls! Why don't you all lay? We've been having trouble closing the door as the dirt (frozen) gets in the way, and Abba is very annoyed. He also noticed an egg in our extra nesting boxes we had made for Polka-Dot a while ago, which means that a chicken may have gotten out, but Margalit said that the girls visited a couple times. I saw that our yogurt box scoop was out (they are always leaving things lying about). Anyways, we had left the chickies with Mar for most of break while we were in Israel. For the time that we had Liel take care of them, Margalit emailed us that "Liel said that one of the chickens was acting a bit strange, so I had a talk with him and now he's OK." For anyone reading this, remember, THEY'RE GIRLS. Roosters aren't allowed! Mar said that she felt super stupid walking out every day, like we were probably video-taping her every time. We weren't, but we did have the Rat-cam going, so she wasn't completely wrong. OK, well, I'm hoping to get back early enough tomorrow to give them all (except maybe Pimpam, Mrs. Poppers, and Mocha) a BIG snuggle. A really good one for Bashful and Pong. And I guess Mocha will get a hug too.