Friday, October 24, 2014


I'm really sad to say that on Sunday, Abba will be driving up to NH to give our 8 chickens away. Pogo had been pecking all of the other chickens and now we will not have to worry about rats. The Chickens are 1 1/2 years old, and we hope they will live happily ever after!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

After break

The chickies are doing fine. We are getting about 3 per day, I think. They gotta start waking up! Hello, girls! Why don't you all lay? We've been having trouble closing the door as the dirt (frozen) gets in the way, and Abba is very annoyed. He also noticed an egg in our extra nesting boxes we had made for Polka-Dot a while ago, which means that a chicken may have gotten out, but Margalit said that the girls visited a couple times. I saw that our yogurt box scoop was out (they are always leaving things lying about). Anyways, we had left the chickies with Mar for most of break while we were in Israel. For the time that we had Liel take care of them, Margalit emailed us that "Liel said that one of the chickens was acting a bit strange, so I had a talk with him and now he's OK." For anyone reading this, remember, THEY'RE GIRLS. Roosters aren't allowed! Mar said that she felt super stupid walking out every day, like we were probably video-taping her every time. We weren't, but we did have the Rat-cam going, so she wasn't completely wrong. OK, well, I'm hoping to get back early enough tomorrow to give them all (except maybe Pimpam, Mrs. Poppers, and Mocha) a BIG snuggle. A really good one for Bashful and Pong. And I guess Mocha will get a hug too.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The cold is gone.

It's been a long time but not much has happened. We only had mildly cold weather, and the only reason the chickens minded was that we forced them to sleep inside (which I think they like now) and they could not run around due to snow (for about 2 days). It's still January and I think it's crazy that we have been able to let them have field days! Shouldn't there be snow?????? During the cold, we did get 2 frozen eggs. The first one Mama and Dani tried to fry-it didn't come out well-and the second I chopped open. It was jelly-y. Miriam was grossed out. The last interesting thing is that we seem to be getting more white eggs (and they are BIG-I'd say 1.7 oz. or so!) than brown. I got 2 yesterday, and that is about our average per day. I weighed a biggy, it hovered between 2.05 and 2.10 oz. We also should be cleaning out their house. It is YUCKY! Oh, and we haven't been seeing any rats. We have been closing the door at night, Abba made sure there were no spaces to squeeze in, and he's only got a million and seven traps. One of them could trap a little kid. Actually, I've only seen 2 have-a-hearts and another funny trap. Plus we've got the rat-cam. Duffy is growing back her tail feather-they had disappeared earlier. We are also getting good at telling them apart!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some Sad News...

We are so sorry to share these sad news....Ping has died. I found out on December 2nd. The rest of the chickies are fine-not laying much. Also, they are not inclined to sleep inside-though we have seen a couple in the house at night occasionally. On Sunday we dumped some mulchy wood shavings in the run, house, and our side under the porch. The snow from yesterday and today did not affect them as Abba put up a tarp over the outside. They are quite happy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OCTOBER 2013!!!

Our eggs are getting bigger! Our biggest was laid by a RI Red. 2.2 oz. We are getting about 5 a day now. We still have a super stupid chicken laying on the floor. We've taken a bunch of pics on field days. We took them out to Weeks Field today!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


To left, 5 months
Below are some older photos.
To Left, about 1 month

Friday, September 6, 2013

More Eggs

Back from 2 days of Rosh Hashanah in Brooklyn and quite a few eggs....  3 white eggs from the Polish chickens and 6 brown eggs from the Ophingtons and Rhode Islands.  One of the brown eggs was cracked (it look like chicken was pecking it)... So we had better be good about collecting eggs when they are laid, but the best was that one of the white eggs was found in the nesting box.  Now that is one smart hen.  Hopefully she can teach the others.