Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chicks are Really Happy!

We've been taking the chicks out nearly every day. Every time they get outside they jump up and down, about 1 foot in the air, like eagles. They are so excited! They found a worm twice. It took them almost 5 minutes to chase each other around and eat it. We put the two Buff Orpingtons, Ping and Pong, in the Bluebells. Adorable! When we put them in the leaves they fall down in holes. Miriam and I built a mini teepee-it is still up-and put Ping&Pong in. They pushed down a stick to get out, and raced over to the others. They were out in the yard for 3 hours on Wednesday and in the run and coop (not yard) for a long time Saturday. They are only about a month old, and the Polish ones are getting afro feathers. Their feathers make them hard to tell apart the old way, but they all have names. The RI Reds are Mocha, Ginny, Pogo, and Duffy. The Polish are Pimpam, Mrs. Poppers, and Bashful, and the little Buffs are Ping and Pong. One RI Red always walks over to me or wanders far away from the others. They are getting too big for their second box-Next week they are outside!

Ping&Pong in Bluebells!

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