Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Strong Wind

Last night when my dad went to lock the chickens up for the night he left the water out and the water heater plugged in on purpose. He said it's only go down 30 degrees fahrenheit so we might as well leave it out since it's annoying to bring in. This morning when I went to let the chickens out it was extremly windy out. The water was frozen and the water heater wasn't on even though it was plugged in. The tarps, which had partly fallen from other days were now eithor complete off or hanging by one corner billowing in the wind. I tried to hook them up again but they just fell down. Since the water was frozen I brought it inside and gave them hot* water in a small container, while the ice in the waterer unfroze. I also gave them feed inside the coop incase they [the chickens] didn't want to come out.
Later my dad went out and got the water heater to work, apparently it wasn't plugged in all the way, and brought the waterer back out. He also got 2 big eggs. [which means they are both from the Black Sex Links]
What's strange is that one of the Black Sex Links keeps on laying in a different nesting box each time.

*hot water, so it wouldn't freeze as fast

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  1. This is drama. Keep it up. I love reading about the chickens.