Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Attack

Last time it snowed the snow stayed on top of the roof of the aviary, which is made of chicken wire, making it sag. Last night when we heard it was going to snow 7-15 inches we got worried that all the snow would accumulate on the roof and it would break. So at 4:30 pm we put up three 2x4's, each about 10 feet long, to make it stronger. We brought in the water heater so it wouldn't get buried by the snow.

The next morning when I went to let the chickens out there was snow everywhere in the aviary and it was still snowing. We quickly started shovelling. We hung up a couple of tarps around the aviary and one on top. We also put a piece of wood on top of 2 sawhorses up against the coop so the chickens could go outside but still be protected from most of the snow and wind. Still they only went out a little, mostly just to get a drink and some fresh air.

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