Friday, September 3, 2010


Soon we combined both groups of chickens, because the chicks' current area was too small. The hens were not too nice to them at first but they adjusted, though they still hung out in separate groups. We tried to let them out as much as possible so that they could have more space. It was very chaotic and though I loved the chicks I knew I liked it better when we had just had five chickens. When we only had five it was peaceful and I could always say hello to each chicken individually. Now all the chickens had to push to get to me and were impatient when I came. But all in all I think the chicks (includes chickens) were happy, and so was I, it was nice having ten chickens. Then we started construction on our house. We decided it would be best if we moved the chickens somewhere else.

This happened many months ago, so it may lack detail.
I will write a new post continuing this one soon.

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