Thursday, April 22, 2010

Revena Meets Chicks

All five of the chickens were at the compost and the chicks were in the A-frame. Serene seemed to have gotten bored of the compost and wandered towards the chicks. We had put the chicks straight into the yard, and they were adorable in to them the forest of Blue Bells, but they had gone into the A-frame, probably feeling safer in an enclosed area. Anyway, I did not want Serene going in because I did not know how she would interact with the chicks. If she wanted to she could trap them in a corner and peck at them. I would have let her come close if the chicks were in the yard because then they could have run away if they wanted to, but since they were inside I shooed Serene away. A couple minutes later Revena came over. I figured she is a gentle chicken and she never pecks hard so I decided to let her in. Revena explored the place and did not really notice the chicks. Soon she noticed them but just continued to walk around. She got to the food and began to eat, I moved her away from the food but she just came back and continued to eat.As my last choice I gently pushed her out of the A-frame, closed it up and went inside because I had to help my mom. Suddenly, all five chickens became very interested in the chicks and they all gathered around their coop. I wished I could have stayed out and let them in one at a time, but I had to go in. At least Revena had met the chicks!

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