Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday (Monday) we got 13 chicks from the Anisfeld's, the family the chicks were being mailed to. The chicks were actually delivered on Sunday, and they accidentally got 26 instead of 25. We brought over a box and they sorted out the breeds in order to give us the correct chicks. We got our 5 along with 8 other chicks for another family, who would pick them up from our house the next day. If you count our big chickens too, we had 18 chick/chickens, that a ton!
us we got:
-2 Black Austroloups
-1 White Buff Orphington
-1 Barred Rock
-1 more, but I forget what breed it is

For the other family we got:
-4 Rhode Island Reds
-4 Barred Rocks
Anyway, when we got home we rushed around setting up their lights, putting newspaper on the bottom of the box, and giving them food and water. They had to be 90-95 the first week and then lower it by 5 degrees each week. Also we had to give them special "chick gower" for 6-8 weeks, then "chick starter" from 8-20 weeks and then finally feed for (egg) layers. On Sunday we had cut a window in a big box and then covered it with chicken wire, but we had not gotten anything else ready (bad idea). Partly because we only expected to the get chicks on Tuesday.
After they chicks were comfortable we just watched them for a while and then we started holding them. They didn't run away all the time, just a little, and if they did run away a lot we wouldn't pick them up. After you had picked up a chick you then had to put one hand under their feet put them up against your chest and then cover the other side of them so the chick would stay warm. We also tried putting our hand in their box with a little bit of feed on but they wouldn't eat.

to be continued soon


  1. Always good to get an update on the chicks. They sound like they are doing great and you are a wonderful aviator (someone who takes care of an aviary). I am still waiting for my eggs. I haven't had breakfast in 3 months while I wait for them. If I get them fast I promise not mix them with sausage or bacon just cheese and veggies in an omelet.

  2. Sounds like we had better get Uncle Adam a dozen farm fresh eggs soon.