Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Chicks

In late winter, eight months after we first got chickens from the Anisfelds, we decided we were going to get chicks ourselves. There were a bunch of other families who also wanted chicks, so we decided t have a "chicken meeting" at the Anisfelds. There were about ten of us altogether and we discussed chickens. First we talked about the rules surrounding chickens, like how far away your coop had to be from the border of your property. Then we moved on to the life of a chicken and continued to how to take care of chickens, like how much foods you'll need to give them, how many times a day you need to check for eggs, and stuff like that. Finally, at the very end, we talked in detail about how to take care of the chicks once we get them. We also debated if we should order chicks and then split them (you have to order at least 25 chicks at a time), or pick them up at Agway (a farm store) one family at a time. Then for the last 10 minutes we talked about when we should get the chickens. Near the end of the meeting, I got it into my head that maybe we could et chicks that same day, because it was Sunday. I mentioned it to my dad and got really excited despite the fact that he told me not to. For the rest of the meeting I bugged him nonstop for an answer whether we could get chicks that day or not.

After the meeting my dad decided to call Agway to see if they had chicks. Since they were closed and we did have the stuff we needed to take care of the chicks, my dada was fine with waiting and not getting them that day. I on the other hand wasn't fine with waiting to get chicks. For the next few weeks I kept on bugging my dad about the chicks. Everytime my dad told me he had ordered, the Anisfelds had ordered, he had called, the Anisfelds had called, Agway's reason why they never had chicks to sell us was that a lot more people wanted chicks (and chickens) this year. Then finally after at least three months the Anisfelds managed to get then chicks. The next day we went over to the Anisfelds and got five chicks.


  1. Miriam:
    Your blog is fantastic. I really enjoy reading it. Good luck with your chickens.
    Love Uncle Adam

  2. Miriam - I am married to your father's cousin. I love that you are writing a blog about your chickens! We live on a farm and will have cows, pigs and chickens all next spring. You will have to share with us your chicken tips. Keep writing! - Molly

  3. 15 days without news from the chicken. What's happenning?
    I can't wait for news!!